Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I’ve decided that this whole blogging thing is a tad more challenging than I anticipated when I eagerly took on the task a couple of months ago. We have had an extremely busy first couple of weeks in the New Year. Gavin has been pretty sick a couple of different times, causing the blog hiatus.

First, I will back up a little and tell you about our Christmas.

We went to Garden City to spend Christmas with the Perez family. Gavin really enjoyed hanging out with his grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins. He was quite captivated by his 6 year old cousin, Zandri. They played with the train, the dancing Gaba Gaba and dinosaurs. Gavin followed Zandri around the house and hugged her a million times.

We spent the weekend after Christmas in Manhattan. We celebrated with our family tradition of having a shrimp boil and opening gifts. Gavin totally entertained the entire family. He was quite the fashionista as he insisted on wearing his cousin Taylor’s pink boots. He especially appreciated that everyone laughed their butts off as he tried to walk around, much like a cowboy who just rode a horse for 8 hours straight. Gavin is a true entertainer! He loves to dance, sing and be ornery.
Jason and I love that Gavin is still in the stage where he loves to follow directions and do little chores/tasks around the house. He enjoys helping me do laundry; he helps to stuff the clothes into the dryer after they have been washed.

HAPPY update: Gavin is increasingly infatuated (yes, I think I can call it that now) with the movie Happy Feet. It has been the best investment we have ever made; we bought it for 5 bucks at Target. Along with working on decreasing the amount of curse words that slip out of our mouths, Jason and I now have to spell h-a-p-p-y. Because if Gavin hears us say the “H” word, he becomes determined to see his favorite little penguins dance and sing. I guess there are worse things to be obsessed about. And one bonus is, the movie is actually quite good…even after 30 times. Gavin stays very active while “watching” Happy Feet. He dances and tries to sing; and he imitates the penguins as they waddle.
OUTSIDE update: Gavin would love to live outside. He truly enjoys his time outdoors. While his Mimi was here yesterday, Gavin helped Mimi shovel the snow off of the driveway. Gavin loves to take walks and ride his new "hotwheel" outside. He gets “cabin fever” if we don’t get outside at least once a day. We also have to spell the word o-u-t-s-i-d-e because if Gavin hears the word he will get his coat, stocking cap and shoes…and the persuasion begins.
GAVIN'S HEALTH: Gavin was hospitalized last week after an allergic reaction. He is a sensitive little guy! He improved quickly and we were released from the hospital after a 12 hour stay. Unfortunately 5 days later he developed RSV and bronchiolitis. After a couple of breathing treatments he felt much better. We had a fabulous weekend, filled with relaxing around the house, running errands and taking walks outside. We hope that Gavin is fully recovered!

Love to you all!