Sunday, April 5, 2009

No, mine do it!

I have gone, yet again, two months without posting. Sorry 'bout that! Gavin continues to change and grow quickly. He literally talks non-stop all day. He repeats everything, so you have to choose your words carefully. He insists on doing everything on his own and says "no, mine do it" multiple times a day.

Easter was a blast this year! My parents and grandparents (Mimi/Papa and Great G'ma/G'dad) came to our house. We went to the church where Gavin attends daycare. They put on one heck of an Easter celebration with easter egg hunts (10,000 eggs total!!!), petting zoo, and moonwalks. Gavin undersood the concept of finding eggs, though the Easter egg hunt offered for Gavin's age group was a little below his ability!

Gavin's daycare celebrated the 'week of the young child' by having theme days. Below is a pic from CrAzY Hair day.
We converted Gavin's crib to a daybed, so he is officially our big, grown up boy sleeping in a BIG BOY bed. Tonight will be the 3rd problems so far. Gavin also graduated from his highchair and now sits at the dining room table on a booster seat. He thinks he is pretty awesome.
MR SOCIAL: Gavin has moments of shyness but overall he is very social and friendly. When we are at the grocery store or Target he enjoys saying "hi" or "sup" to everyone who walks by.

Below are pics from Manhattan a couple of weeks ago. Gav got to play with his friend, Elle. They enjoyed splashing each other with water from the pretty water fountain at the mall.
About a month or so ago Gavin helped me clean the house. He insisted on helping me vacuum, which was so cute. He also helped me clean out his closet. He is growing so fast that we needed to make room for new, bigger clothes. I found the white teddybear that Children's Mercy gave to Gavin when he was hospitalized a couple of months ago. Without prompting from me, Gavin began to treat the teddybear like his baby. He held the "baby", then crawled up into his rocking chair and began rocking his "baby" and patting the baby's back. It was so darling! He found an empty sippycup and fed the "baby" milk. He decided that the "baby" was tired so with my assistance we put the "baby" in Gavin's crib for a little nap. The "baby" stayed in the crib for the rest of the day, but Gavin did check on the "baby" regularly. He has continued to be pretty affectionate with his "baby".
Jason and Gavin built a snowman during our last snow storm of the winter about a month and a half ago. Gavin loved it! It is amazing how quick he catches on to new activities. After they finished the snowman we went inside to have lunch. Gavin kept running to the window to look out at his "noman".

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather.

Sending love to you all from the Perez Family!