Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas!!!

It has been over a week since I posted last, so get comfortable cause I have a lot to share! Jason and I had a blast in Dallas last weekend. The Cowboys beat the Giants!!! We got all of our Christmas shopping done and ate at a couple of tasty restaurants with Jason's brother, Benny and sister, Diedre.
Gavin hosted a Christmas party at our house last night. His best friends, Monet and Elizabeth, and their mom's came over to hangout and play. They danced, played ring around the rosy and watched "Happy Feet". Gavin lights up every time he sees Monet and says, "Ne Ne!!!" Gavin and Elizabeth first met in the infant room at their daycare. They were the best of friends, they would never leave each other’s was absolutely daring. Elizabeth and her parents moved to the Philippines, leaving Gavin without a BF! Elizabeth and her mom came back to the US to visit for a month or so. Gavin and Elizabeth picked up where they left off many months ago...they shared toys, helped push each other around on the car and held hands. Monet will be 5 on December 30th!

Gavin, Jason and I went to Union Station today to see the trains. Gavin was in heaven...absolutely mesmerized by the "choo choos"! Gavin is very much enjoying the holiday season. He has a small obsession with Christmas trees. We have our Christmas tree set up in the front room of our house. There are french doors with glass so Gavin can look but can't touch, launch the bulbs/ornaments or pull the entire tree over on himself...apparently I pulled my Grandma Diana's tree over on top of myself as a toddler...just trying to learn from my mistakes :) Gavin has to tell the Christmas tree "good night" every night. He also has learned a couple of new words over the past couple of weeks...both related to the tree: COOL and AWESOME!

We are heading to Garden City for Christmas. Gavin will get to meet his 3 cousins: Paige, Corbin and Zandri for the first time. We hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Love to you all!

E. Perez

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EM :) said...

Love the Big D pix. You look gorg-e-ous!!! Geno is thinking Barber is 24, is that right? Cute jersey!
Oh boy, LOVE the pix at your house and @ Union. He sure did love those trains, didn't he!!! :) CHOO-CHOO!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you guys so much. Please give him lots of smooches from Auntie Em, and take pix in his sweats & hoodie :)
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!