Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome to Gavin's Blog!

We have officially slid head first into the world of blogging! My sister, Em, would be very proud as she is a serious "blogger". I check her blog daily and get so excited when she has a new post. Em and her husband, Gene, live in Spokane, Washington, so her blog allows us to feel connected and aware of all of her various activities. Both sets of my grandparents (Super Mimi\Super Papa and Grandma and Granddad) are savvy on the internet and also check Em's blog frequently, so what better way to share stories and milestones!

Gavin is 18 months old now! He is a complete joy and quite a character. He constantly has us rolling with laughter and he is pretty darn smart too! I look forward to sharing many stories.
Last weekend we drove to Dodge City, KS for my cousin Megan's wedding. It was a gorgeous wedding and Megan looked amazing! Gavin hung out on the dance floor most of the evening. He enjoyed watching the girls twirl around in their dresses; he too attempted the "twirl" which was rather darling. Gavin's new found enjoyment comes in the form of a DVD called Happy Feet. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. Gavin watched Happy Feet on the way to Dodge City and on the way home to Kansas City. Good thing for DVD players! Now Gavin is constantly asking for "happy, happy" and does a little dance...just like the penguins in the movie.

Jason started a new job with Bank of America a couple of weeks ago. He is really enjoying it so far and is pleasantly surprised with how welcoming his fellow employees have been. Because Jason is no longer working for Citi Cards, Gavin had to start at a new daycare. He is attending the North Heartland Early Childhood Program. Luckily for us, it is 5 minutes away from our house. So far, so good. Gavin seems to enjoy his time there...especially the "ballroom" where he gets to kick, throw and bounce as many balls as he wants. When I picked him up on his second day his teacher couldn't believe that he helped her clean up the entire room. Gavin is such a big boy (he will show you with his hands high in the air)! He loves to "go" and he lets us know that by bringing us his shoes and sitting on our lap. He will then grab his jacket and snow cap, and ask for our hand to pull us to the front door.

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Love to you all,

Erin (Gavin's mom!!!)